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H2oi [2015]

Panda Junction [2015] Los goonies, Tuner Evolution  

Oktoberfest [2014]

Vag Fair [2014]

Hyperfest [2014]

After the awesome time we had last year, we had to attend again. This year we got our hands on a media badge, so we were able to get a little bit closer to all the action. Made a 20 second teaser, the usual edit, and a 23 min. rough/raw footage upload as well

favorite Shots / Demo Reel 2013

All my favorite shots from all the videos&edits we have made the last two or so years. Shots of Cars, Zoo animals, Snowboarding, Renaissance fair, H2oi , and other randoms.

Shot all on our hvx200a and edited in a old version of FInal Cut Pro and After effects.

Fallen Leaves and Cars @ Lynn Runn

A few shots thrown together of opur little BBQ / Meet we had at Lynn Runn State Park in Ocotber,

Oktoberfest 2013 @ Motordrome Speedway

Oktoberfest 2013 from a few weeks back held at Motordrome speedway in Smithton Pennsylvania. Oktoberfest is a European car show held annually by Next Level Tuning in Greensburg Pennsylvania.

Colorado BBQ and Backyard session with SPHC

We took a trip out to Dillon Colorado last month and stayed with the SPHC crew. Woke up one day and decided to have a backyard session/bbq and heres what went down...

H2oi 2013 (RIP Is300)

h2oi is a European car show held in Oceancity Maryland, once a year. The show attracts hundreds of  people and cars from all over. The most popular part of the event is cruising the streets of ocean city all day and all night. Here is my coverage of this years event . Sadly Five minutes after our arrival, our friend Allen's Lexus was totaled while making a left hand turn at a light. Both the suv and Lexus were totaled but  no one was injured.

Clint Cooper 2013

Last season here in Pennsylvania the snow didn't fall as much as we all hoped. Street/Urban missions became almost impossible with highs reaching 70 melting any of the traces of snow received earlier that week. Fortunately are home mountain, Seven Springs built a park designed to mimic the features you see in the streets, with the capability of making snow when mother nature couldn't.. My usual riding partner Mr, Clint Cooper was able to grab a handful of clips over the dry ish season and I was given the pleasure of putting them together into a little edit. So without further ado ( I bet know one even reads these anyhow)........................... 

Hyperfest 13

Last month I was invited by some friends to go to a car event down in the wild and wonderful state of West Virginia. The event is held at summit Raceway Park, and featured a little bit of everything.
Road Racing, Drifting, Rally Rides, Lemons races, Flip cars, and of course the Car show itself. It was one hell of a weekend, with some good friends ,lots of beer, and a shit ton of sick cars.
So take a look at our experiences and here is a few stills of my buddy's Lexus to keep you occupied.....

Rome Pre jib

Well winter finally is upon us here in the east and its time to get out on the mountain and in the streets. Here is the first contest of the year up at 7springs.  Rome premature jibulation.


This is a local euro car show put on by Next Level Tuning here in southwestern P.A. The Show was held at the former Volkswagen Assembly plant in New Stanon that was shut down in the late eighties. The show had a impressive turnout, with a ton of sick cars. Take a look and feel Free to leave any feedback either Love or Hate, we will take it all.

Peace and Pretzelss 

Two Step Sound off: VW Gti / Audi S4

H2O International 2012


Drag Civic -  The Junkyard LS is out, Race B20 is in!

Finally the wait is over. Reed Chapmans Drag civic  finally has its race motor strapped in under the hood, and is making some serious power with some ten second passes. 

Drag Civic

Reed Chapman spent the last few months building a strictly drag  cvic. After a few thousand dollars and a crap ton of fabrication, his project was complete. The goal was 8 seconds or bust on a fully built boosted motor.  Less than a week before the day we shot this video, he blew the race motor up  on the dyno making  six hundred and fifty wheel horsepower . Pulled the motor, put a stock  ls junkyard motor in, slapped a giant turbo on and this was the result..... Not to shabby. 

Shot on a Panasonic HVX 1080p 30 frames

and a GoPro Hero 2 1080p 30 frames